How to translate child theme

By September 12, 2016 May 9th, 2019 Knowledge Base

In case you want to modify something in an theme translation you can do it by directly editing the translation file. However, if you update the theme these modifications will be lost. The best solution would be to place them in your child theme which is very easy to do.

So basically you just have to add your languages into your child theme and then add some code to functions.php file in child theme. It load translate file from the child theme instead of the parent, here’s how to do it:

1. Step 1:

Create a /languages/ folder in your child theme directory and copy the translation files (from the parent theme) to be modified:

How to translate child theme

2. Step 2:

Add  this code to functions.php in in child theme:

Now you can use the plugin to translate your child theme!

Note: Remember to backup your .mo file when you upgrade your theme.